The medieval village of San Casciano dei Bagni, happens to be only few minutes’ drive from the properties. Set in a marvelous natural contest in the southern part of Tuscany, in the province of Siena, is surrounded by beautiful oak woods and the main square enjoys a breathtaking view on the unspoiled Tuscan countryside.

The village is build around the neo-gothic Bologna castle and the Church of San Leonardo and Cassiano, with its characteristic 16th  century belfry.  The narrow and winding streets of the village often end up on commanding views over the stunning landscape and towards Monte Cetona and Monte Amiata, offering at any time of the day and in every season different emotions.

San Casciano dei Bagni has ancient origins and has been known since the Etruscan and Roman times for its healing hot springs from where the warm therapeutic waters gushes at 42°C. Only a short walk from the village is the Bagno Grande and the Bagno Bossolo, ancient pools in travertine stone where you may immerse in the hot water  surrounded by wild nature.

For those who prefer comfort and  luxury just outside the village is a contemporary SPA, assessed amongst the best SPA of the world.

Life in here in San Casciano has other rhythm and you will feel the


Throughout the year San Casciano dei Bagni offers different cultural events that keep this small village incredibly lively.

In the 18th century theatre take place concerts and plays, the antique history of San Casciano is well explained in the small archeological museum,  Le stanze Cassianesi, while several art work from contemporary artist that have elected San Casciano dei Bagni as their home, are spread in the territory.

The collegiate church of San Leonardo and Cassiano, as an instance,  disclose the art work from the Persian Artist Bizhan Bassiri: a touching example of how different cultures can get closer and communicate through Art.


On the last Sunday of May in the nearby village of Celle sul Rigo takes place the festival that celebrates the local handmade pasta, the pici, prepared by the women of the village. The festival involves all the inahbitants and it is the ideal event where to breath naïve rural atmosphere.

The festival is held on the third Sunday of June in San Casciano dei Bagni.
The ciaffagnone is a traditional local savory pancake served with local Pecorino cheese. Men and women from the village are involved in the organization of the event which is also a great occasion to taste the local pork meat, Cinta Senese, and the T-bone Chianina steak.

The event that recalls the medieval traditional games such as the sack race, the saucepan race, the piñata, the greasy pole. The Palio is organized by the four neighborhood of San Cassiano: Campanile, Gattineto, Pozzo and Porticciola.